Group of 5 WaterSeers

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WaterSeer is an energy efficient and highly adaptable water generator technology that provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking and agriculture.


Purchase 5 WaterSeers and enjoy a bulk discount and free shipping!

WaterSeer implements a simple, affordable new technology that collects water directly from the air around us.  This water can be used as drinking water or for irrigation on a residential and commercial scale.  WaterSeer devices are fault-tolerant, meaning they are survivable in catastrophic situations and adaptable to multiple applications.  The devices are designed to work outdoors (with optional Geothermal/Earth tube) where they channel air into a chamber, cooling the air and providing fresh, clean water that exceeds all EPA standards for water purity and quality.  WaterSeer can also be setup as a table top water generator in your home or office.

When linked “in-sequence” WaterSeer can provide enough water for public parks and green-spaces, roadway landscapes, commercial properties, urban gardens, residential communities, retail developments, as well as vineyards, livestock and agriculture… (the moisture in) The Sky is The Limit!

WaterSeer is very energy efficient and uses around 200ish watts on low and up to 365 watts when on high with UV light activated.  This technology is easily paired up with solar and/or wind power.

In summary, the WaterSeer is an energy efficient and mobile water generator and provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking and agriculture.  Dimensions: 12″ diameter x 34″ length, 40lb.

Your purchase helps bring water security to the world… every time the WaterSeer technology is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds go to providing WaterSeer technology to people in need around the globe.


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