Aquifer Pipe

The Ultimate In Subsurface Irrigation!

No more worries about a drought or broken sprinkler heads.

Be proud of how you water your lawn.


What is it?

Made in the USA, our Aquifer Pipe is compatible with any source of irrigation water (tap water, lightly filtered greywater, rainwater and/ or “purple pipe” reclaimed water).  Designed to distribute irrigation water at the root level, our subsurface irrigation system is an excellent choice for turf irrigation.  Other applications include drought tolerant landscapes, gardens and large commercial farms.

How it works:

From our experience, the Aquifer Pipe creates a virtual water table at the buried depth (we usually bury it between 12 to 18 inches). The center channel of our Aquifer Pipe, the part that looks like the “V” becomes fully saturated with water. From the saturated zone the soil starts to pull water up and out creating a giant moisture plume. The moisture plume, or capillary fringe, can grow up-to four (4) feet on each side.  Feeding directly from the moisture plume, plants will not send their roots into the saturated zone thereby eliminating clogging.

Why Subsurface Irrigation:

This system has all of the benefits and more that subsurface irrigation brings to the table without the disadvantages.  Some of the advantages include (source Sustainable Sanitation and Wastewater Management):

– High degree of control over water application with the potential for high uniformity of application
– Evaporation is greatly reduced
– The amount of water can be fine-tuned. This avoids water loss caused by run off or evaporation
– Frequent irrigation allows for optimum soil moisture content in the root zone
– Great performance in windy and arid locations
– If pre-treated wastewater is used for irrigation, the risk of direct contact with crops and laborers is reduced


To install the Aquifer Pipe, all you need is ABS glue and standard 3″ ABS drain pipe fittings found at any plumbing supply store.

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