AQUALOOP Greywater NSF 350 Recycling System


This AQUALOOP Greywater System Package includes:

1 Magnetic Valve Backwash; 1 Membrane Cartridge (80 gpd); 1 Membrane Station and Control Unit; 30 Liters of Support Media; Purain DN100 4″ Pre-Filter with Rodent Protection; Backflushing Nozzle Kit for DN100; and Hi-Blow 60LPM Blower.  Tank and installation not included.



AQUALOOP processes water from virtually any source, but it shines in its application with greywater recycling for non-potable uses and rainwater for drinking water. Its patented MB-MBR treatment removes 99.9999% bacteria (6 Log) and 99.77% viruses (3 Log), providing excellent water quality.

  • Greywater from showers, laundry, and bathroom sinks
  • Rainwater from any rooftop
  • Other surface waters – lakes, rivers, ponds
  • Primary wastewater plant discharge.

The system can be scaled to any capacity and the components can be assembled as required or delivered in a packaged solution, offering flexibility to ensure the best results in every situation.

AQUALOOP can be scaled to any capacity from a large 20,000 gallon per day commercial or industrial application down to a 50 gallon per day single family residential system.

The only greywater system NSF 350 certified for commercial applications, with LEED accreditation.

AQUALOOP Technology

The Aqualoop greywater treatment technology is a moving bed-membrane bioreactor MB-MBR which sounds very high tech and complicated. Let’s break it down. It is not that complicated.


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