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Allan Lee Haskell - Chief Education Officer EnviroMeasures
Allan Lee Haskell, Chief Education Officer (CEO)
EnviroMeasures – Rejuvenating Environments

About Allan: Raised on a family homestead and “old school” organic farm in the rural mid-West. He served 9 years traveling the world with the Air Force. In 2000 Allan moved to Los Angeles California seeking to work with organizations that shared his values and educate others. This included prominent Los Angeles non-profits such as the EcoHome Network, Northeast Trees, Sustainable Works and for-profit Sweat-X. He worked with a few Solar PV Contractors installing 13 grid-tied PV systems. During 2000 through 2005, he and his partner went to every natural building (Strawbale, Cob and Super Adobe/Earthbag) and Permaculture workshop available to them and trained in Building Biology with the Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology. During this time his partner consolidated all that they trained and practiced and founded EnviroMeasures. Allan attended night school at the East LA Skills Center to earn certificates in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Photovoltaic Installer and took the NABCEP certification test. In late 2009, he attended the 5 Day Greywater Installers Course held at the LA Ecovillage by Laura Allen of Greywater Action. From there Allan attended Greywater Action’s 5 day “Greywater System Design and Installation” and became a Certified Level 2 Greywater Installer. EnviroMeasures became one of the first businesses to offer professionally installed greywater systems in Los Angeles. Although he had already integrated Rain Water Harvesting early on, in 2016 he became ARCSA Certified and an EPA WaterSense Partner and attended the Permaculture SKill Center’s Advanced Water Harvesting Workshop. As a “volunteer professional” Allan utilized and installed his designs of off-grid utilities for the “Micro Home”, offered as a solution to the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles by Our Backyard Homes. To further develop EnviroMeasures, Allan continues to expand his knowledge base through hands-on workshops and certifications. That include the Green Gardens Group Watershed Wise Landscape Professional Certification, Bio Digester Design & Build workshop, Radical Mycology Mushroom Cultivation with a focus on mycoremediation, building with Hempcrete and Aircrete. Work/training with DomeGaia and Tiny Giant Life any chance he gets, while preserving a focus on the latest “off-grid” and water conservation technologies utilizing Permaculture techniques whenever possible.

Allan currently offers his services as “Off-Grid” consultant and is working with two off-grid Tibetan Buddhist Centers.

Feel free to contact Allan at info[@]enviromeasures.com.

“…Bring the Earth your love and happiness. The Earth will be safe when we feel safe in ourselves.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi